Pilot Wants To Do Experiment for Flat Earth

A self-employed pilot wants to join in with the flat earth people to do an experiment to gain further proof that the earth is flat and NOT a globe that we’ve all been LED to believe by NASA, ESA RSA and our World Govt’s

Below is the telephone conversation when he called up the Jeranism radio station. You can view their YouTube channel HERE

we are looking forward to the broadcast once the experiement has been completed.

Most pilots know that they fly over a flat plane, but if they are working for a commercial airline then their jobs would be at risk if they came out to the public, but as this one is self employed he’s nothing to worry about!

1 thought on “Pilot Wants To Do Experiment for Flat Earth”

  1. Great news – I’d heard of this before, so this will just re-enforce the proof that already exists.
    Lets hope more people wake up and realise that we’ve all been lied to since school days.

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