Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil and Its Benefits to Health

Cannabis oil :

This product is an extract of the leaves and flowers of Cannabis plants. It is a green coloured liquid which is volatile in nature. This essential oil is mostly made in France and distributed across the various parts of Europe and the world.

Benefits of the Cannabis oil on health :

Cannabis oil is used in soaps, perfumes, candles and even in some food items. However, the major use of the oil is in various medical applications.

Cannabis oil helps to relieve anxiety and stress. It helps to release pleasure hormones and relaxes the mind, providing a sense of calmness in the consumer of the oil.

cannabis oil

The oil is an amazing cure for sleep disorders. Individuals suffering from insomnia can experience undisturbed and peaceful sleep with the use of this oil. It further brings the heart rate down to help in getting a long slumber.

The oil helps to increase appetite by inducing hunger. It further stimulates the digestive system to make it function normally. Thus, people who are in need of gaining weight can try this oil to add some pounds to their body weight.

Cannabis oil acts as a huge painkiller on the application of it on areas of pain or inflammation in the body.

Cannabis oil is said to be a cure for cancer. Although there are many controversies around it. It is said that the oil helps in reduction of the tumour size in the case of cancer. The oil gives relief from the unbearable pain of chemotherapy.

The oil helps to improve the health of the heart, eye health and reduces excess cholesterol from the body. It helps to reduce the intensity of a headache or a migraine pain on external application.

Cannabis oil is used for skin protection. It helps to stimulate shedding of hard and dead skin from the body. The oil prevents skin diseases such as eczema and makes the skin wrinkle-free.

In spite of all the benefits of the oil, it is advised to use it under professional guidance.

CBD oil : CBD oil or Cannabidiol is a component derived from marijuana. It is made up of at least 40% of the plant’s extract.

Benefits of the CBD oil on health :

CBD oil acts as a good digestive aid as it helps to stimulate appetite, as per the National Cancer Institute. It eases sufferings caused due to vomiting and nausea.

The oil acts as an analgesic and helps to reduce inflammations and swellings.It helps to relieve anxiety much like the Cannabis oil and prevents discomfort caused due to depression.

According to various research results, CBD oil cures psychotic symptoms caused by schizophrenia, a disorder in the brain that makes individuals people construe reality unusually.

However, the most celebrated benefit of the CBD oil is its property to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The oil controls the growth and spread of cancer cells and reduces the size of tumours by killing the tumour cells.

Again, the oil should be used only under proper guidance and medicine professionals.

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