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Welcome to The Grand Deception of the Flat earth!

A website set up to inform you the majority that the earth is flat.

We will post videos and comments from all around the world from scientists and explorers that supply proof that we’ve all been lied too since we were born!

Let’s wake up and question everything that we’ve ever been told by the likes of World Governments, NASA, Disney etc

So is the earth flat?

What are your views on the flat earth?

How to tell if you’re brainwashed by the Government and the elite!

flat earth

Above is some more proof that the earth is flat!


Flat Earth and How The Seasons Work (GIF)

Flat Earth Proof

Flat Earth Proof

..since the day we were all born, we’ve been told that we live on a sphere / globe that is our earth, Yes?

Flat Earth

We start school and more often than not there was a globe in each classroom, thus implying in our heads that the earth was a globe and as this is installed into us all from an early age, we don’t question it as we believe it’s true!

Flat earth

But this is just part of the elite’s plan to indoctrinate¬†us into believing what they want us to believe so they can control us.

Watch Dave Moor’s Video’s below that explains why the earth is flat and NOT a globe!

You can read more about Dave here or read more on The Flat Earth Society

Flat Earth

This is what our flat earth probably looks like, with a large wall of ice that surrounds the plane(t) – This is why it’s forbidden for anyone to try and go to the so called “South Pole”